The United Nations Must Go! … September 25, 2015

There are many reasons that the United Nations must leave our shores. It has become a foe of the United States, as those in charge are our enemies. Our enemies eye the successes of the United States and wish to feed upon the fruits of those successes.

Within the United Nations there have been calls for an end to sovereignty of nations… yes, a one-world government has been suggested. Also, private land ownership is frowned upon, and those who wish to establish this one-world government wish to nationalize all property.

The United Nations have had many dealings with feminists. Including the nefarious Emma Watson who called upon men to help women. Since women have all the rights men have, in fact men having at least five less, the only thing she could be asking is for men to help women take power, strive for supremacy. In fact, to carry out their plan to make a one-world government, men everywhere must be disempowered, made unable to resist. Many women just follow the center of feminism not knowing that the advertised goals are not the real goals.

I used to laugh at these conspiracy theory type scenarios until I dug deeper and found out they were not as far-fetched as they seem.

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