The Expendability Factor … September 20, 2015

Just finished watching a documentary about WWII. It proposed the possibility that FDR knew about the impending attack of Japan upon Pearl Harbor in Hawaii and not only that but had taken steps previously to provoke the Japanese into attacking.

Over 2000 men died at Pearl Harbor. If the documentary was correct and there was much evidence indicating it may be, then this is a direct example of the nature of the expendability that society places upon the lives of men. In recent times it is suggested that Bush knew there were no WMDs and simply wanted the U.S. to take down Saddam. Another blatant case of asserting a number of men are expendable.

Society has been always gynocentric in orientation favoring female lives over male lives. As everyone is aware the classic call when a ship is sinking is “Women and children first”.

Perhaps when life was difficult and population scarce this gynocentric tilt was justifiable. Now… not so much, as the population is exceeding the capacity of the earth. The loss now of female lives will not impact humanity as it once did. Perhaps it’s time to look upon the female of our species as a little more expendable?

Rather than increase female expendability let’s instead decrease male expendability. That is, if you are into this equality thing. Let the women take responsibility for their privileges as men have had to take all along. If you want to vote, drive, work for the government, make women sign their names on the dotted line down at selective service also. Let them face the horrors of the many wars our careless politicians engage our country in. I guarantee you that if Daddy’s little girl, little Suzie, had to go to war… there would be considerably fewer wars.

The trouble with that idea, of course, is created by instinct. It is a man’s instinct to protect women. So instead of an asset to the military on the battlefield, women will become a liability that must be protected … resulting in more men dying than before. So, let’s propose to make them sign up for selective service and then draft enough to make an entire battalion composed only of females and send them onto the battlefield. Let them put their lives where their mouth is, on the line, earning the rights men have always earned.

Another solution is to more carefully select our presidents making sure those that take that office are proponents of peace, rather than war. Ensuring that the president has no other master than the people would go a long way towards this objective.

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