Nothing New Under the Sun… June 7, 2015

There is nothing new under the sun. It’s all been thought of and done before. There are times when this seems the distressing reality. In fact the times that it seems untrue grow shorter as my time upon this earth continues. Just when I think I have an original thought, a unique idea, I find that someone had it previously.

Just when you think you have found something new… to your dismay it turns out to be simply a different mix of old things. A different arrangement… something that could result from putting all the old within a mixer and what results seems new but isn’t really. It turns out that everything is built upon what was and nothing is really new from the ground up because the ground never changes.

nothing-new3Interchangeable parts comprise all things. In the end the substance of that thought new is simply of material that isn’t. Just like the Total Recall suggestion that your vacations are boring because in the end it’s the same old you that is there. Everything is indisputably composed of the same atoms that existed during all of the eons of existence.

Yes, I suppose everything is boring for people who feel they have thought and done it all. Perhaps that is the reason evolution gave us such short lives. The young have not seen it all, thought it all, and think, though they be in error, that they bring something new to the table. The only thing of course that is possible is that the bring a new arrangement. Even that of course may simply be an arrangement that was forgotten in days past.

Is it even possible to bring something new to existence without it having a foundation in the past?

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