Boogeyman… March 9, 2015

The boogeyman, that nasty creature lurking under your bed, in your closet, or forever in the recesses of your mind. Something out to get you. People conspiring to put an end to your existence by one means or another. Natureboogeyman itself rearing up as if somehow endowed with intelligence, a malevolent presence bent on your demise.

Conspiracy nuts abound. Never satisfied with the status quo, these people are constantly at work developing new fears, new worries, to make you afraid, very afraid. From big business to big government to the extraterrestrial, there are entities out to eliminate your existence or enslave your mind and body.

Unable to accept that Islamic terrorists were capable of bringing down two buildings in New York using gigantic airliners these conspiracy inventors, fabricators, would rather believe, and have you do likewise, that it was all a911 government plot. That men lurking within the government decided it was time to kill 3000 Americans just to persuade us Islam was out to get us. Rather than actually believe that terrorists, under the cloak of Islam, really were out to get us, they would have us believe it is the government, our very own, plotting against McCarthyus. 

This conspiracy is just the latest one. Throughout time there have been people pointing fingers in the dark at boogeymen. There have always been individuals who create undue fear through lies. The McCarthy era should have taught us to be more careful before we point the bandwagonfinger. People never learn. For each new bandwagon of alarm there are many boarders. No one, it seems, has developed the habit of stepping back and saying “Now, hold on a second.”


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3 Responses to Boogeyman… March 9, 2015

  1. jasonjshaw says:

    The case for 9/11 type conspiracy theories does rest on knowledge that the US has looked into doing such things in the past to scare citizens (Operation Northwoods) and that stories are made up to satisfy political agendas such as more recently when the weapons of mass destruction that didn’t exist in Iraq were cited a reason to war.

    It’s not like the US government hasn’t given ample evidence for people to at least question significant politically maneuvring-linked terror events.

  2. drenn1077 says:

    People are still insisting on the 9/11 conspiracy even though every reputable organization that has examined it has come to the conclusion that the government findings and conclusions were correct.
    There was a time I would have bought into such theories myself… such as that of the “cover-up” of the supposed 1947 crash of a UFO. After much thought and reading I have concluded that no extraterrestrial has visited Earth and that the distances are too great for any of our known science to think they could have traversed the vastness.
    Sometimes, in fact a lot of times, it seems that the motive for these conspiracies is to turn a populace against its government making aggression against such peoples easier.
    The greatest most heinous government action that I have seen would be that of allowing men to die of syphilis just to see how they die. My other complaint, of course, would be the number of useless wars that men have died in.

  3. jasonjshaw says:

    I think the issue with conspiracies are that they are rooted in truths – not unlike belief systems. I was very questioning of the events of 9/11 myself until further information was released and presented. A documentary detailing contact with stewardesses on one of the planes was enough to legitimize the reality of the hi-jacking situation. Some of the actions of the government though certainly raise questions about the full scope of the event. Ones that stick in my mind are the lack of video released of the plane striking the Pentagon, and issues surrounding Bin Laden – him supposedly not being on a “most wanted” list (the FBI’s?) and then upon killing him, the quick dumping of his body into the ocean. Oh, and the lack of response to the hi-jackings due to training for the exact scenario occurring at the same time. Still a bit of a fishy smell around that as to how the terrorists would know how to work that timing.

    Definitely, a lot of the conspiracy stuff out there is much too far out there, but I have little doubt that the US government does work in the shadows to a fairly significant extent. Where the line is of the truth of the matters can be tough to really know.

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