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(Verbatim- sources noted)   by Marc E. Angelucci and Glenn SacksSeptember 18,   Despite its many painful and unseemly aspects, the Kobe Bryant rape case and the media storm surrounding it have drawn attention to a severely neglected problem: … Continue reading

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Reminiscing … February 23, 2015

I once wondered about why older people turned inside themselves and dwelt for long periods on the past. They would sit and reminisce about memories that originated decades before, sometimes while staring out a window, other times amongst their peers.  … Continue reading

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Too Much Toleration Will Get You Killed… February 16, 2015

Toleration. To what extent should toleration be applied. Does toleration end as those you are tolerating are leading you to your execution? Shouldn’t your toleration have ended a wee bit before you couldn’t do anything about it? Many Jews tolerated … Continue reading

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Open-minded My Hind-end … February 9, 2015

Each camp has its own set of rules, laws, and morals. What applies to one camp does not apply to all others. One camp insists that the others follow its set of social standards, while the others insist that others … Continue reading

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A Weight Problem … February 2, 2015

     I was reading yet another book written by an atheist when he lamented how terrible the misogyny was in the bible. He went on to describe an incident where god ordered his faithful to kill all the men and … Continue reading

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