Stop the Subversives From Destroying This Land … November 30, 2014

The internet has become a means by which subversives can coax, cajole, persuade people to follow and support stances which are not in their best interests. Through subterfuge it is possible to find yourself supporting issues that are opposed to your existence.

Through use of the human quality of empathy there are those who will attempt to align the masses behind this or that issue. A picture of some frail or helpless creature or human suffering at another’s hands is common tool of these subversives. Also, by depicting the evil as innocents rather than by their true light much public sympathy can be garnered.

More than once individuals of dark and evil nature have been painted as pure and innocent in an effort to cause people to criticize and condemn the police without good cause. Done for the purposes of agitating citizens the efforts often result in community riots involving destruction and looting. And then they sit back daring anyone to speak in opposition.

There can only be one goal of these subversives. The destruction of America as we know and love it.

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