Bucyrus Bratwurst Festival 2014 … August 16, 2014

My wife and I attended the 2014 Bucyrus Bratwurst Festival. Arriving about noon, the streets were not too crowded with people. We toured the extent of the festival and enjoyed Bratwurst, french fries, and a scrumptious dessert.

Bucyrus Bratwurst festival Abucyrus Bratwurst festival B

bucyrus Bratwurst festival CBucyrus Bratwurst Festival D

Bucyrus Bratwurst Festival EBucyrus Bratwurst festival F

Bucyrus Bratwurst Festival GBucyrus Bratwurst Festival H

When we arrived we were created by the spectacle of this “God-wagon”:

Godwagon A

No theories, just facts??? Actually, it presented lies. The freedoms we enjoy in the United States were not parceled out by a deity, but instead guaranteed by our Constitution. The declaration of Independence is a separate document from our constitution.

Godwagon B (2)

The rear of the God-wagon is no better… this is no nation under god, ours is a secular Constitution, and secular government. Nevertheless, Christians have opposed the Constitution since its inception because their deity was left out of it. Since then they have repeatedly attempted to establish a Christian Nation by infiltrating government wherever they can.

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