What Incredible Arrogance! …. March 31, 2014

This post is about procreation, reproduction, and a feminist’s insistence that a man should have no part other than contributing his genetic material.

Feminist’s insist that abortion be an “on demand” right and that men should have no say one way or another as to its use. They insist that there is no circumstance where a man should have a say whether a fetus is aborted or whether it is not. In addition, they assert, women should initiate any romantic encounter for otherwise it is to be considered possible sexual harassment.

Feminism is about control, total control of society, men in particular. Feminism as a movement was never about equality, it has always been about supremacy, a supremacy that will precede the establishment of a matriarchy. If the feminist movement had been about equality it would have dissolved long ago, years ago, when equality was achieved. Now, through laws established by the misnamed “Gender Equity Act” and others, women have special privileges and considerations.

If women want total control of their bodies then they should keep their bodies to themselves and never share them with anyone, it’s only fair, as this is the same admonishment men are given about sex. “If you don’t want to pay, don’t play.”

If a man should not have a say as to whether an abortion would or would not be done then should the woman elect to have the child be born the man should have no financial or legal responsibility whatsoever. It’s only fair.

If a woman should lie about taking a contraceptive so that she could become pregnant even though the man does not want to become a father, he should bear no financial or legal obligation. If a man is wearing a condom and it breaks and the woman gets pregnant he should be able to demand she get an abortion, or, bear no financial or legal obligation should she refuse.

Either give men a say in what happens to a conceived fetus or keep your bodies to yourselves, you freaking feminists!


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