Fiddling While Rome Burns ….

Men just do not want to hear it. The fact that their wives and daughters are part of an organization whose goal is to emasculate him and other males is not something they seem able to comprehend. So the movement continues, inexorably, tragically, on and on.

I wonder at what point some men will turn their heads and wonder what happened to their freedoms, their right of self-determination, their dignity, their right to be men?

I have made a prediction that the time men may finally realize that his life is not his own any more will be in about ten years, give or take a year. I stand by that. Men will look, perhaps remember the warnings I kept sounding, but it will be too late. The chains will be permanently on his wrists and the shackles on his ankles.

I sincerely hope I am dead by then.

(Feminists are immature females, not women. It would be an insult to women to call a feminist a woman. Feminists distain womanhood and motherhood)

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