Unmentionables … Taboo Subjects … February 6, 2014

As an atheist I thought everything was on the table for discussion. Many theists consider the subject of religion as being separate and off the discussion table unless, of course, everything you write or say is in complete agreement with established belief.

Now I find there are many other topics which are off the table, even for an atheist. As an atheist you cannot speak about disparities in feminism, or the fact that there are man-hating feminists. Shhhhh! You just can’t mention that. You must as an atheist, it seems, be an automatic supporter of the feminist movement, without question.

Other topics that are off the table are: Racism, unless of course you are in complete agreement with the established mantra. In fact any movement that exclaims equality, even while exclaiming a desire for special privileges or considerations, is a taboo area of discussion. To venture there is to risk being excised, ridiculed, and marginalized.  

Well, shoot, I don’t have to be a feminist, I don’t have to agree to special privileges or considerations for any group, as a matter of fact. Usually these groups that specialize in equal rights for one segment end up demanding special privileges or considerations and usually tandem with restricting the rights of all other groups. That’s BS, I am for equal rights for everyone!

As a result of all this I am now seeking out men’s rights groups. It seems, where the laws are concerned, that men need this. However, disparagingly, there seems to be a dearth of such groups. To find one just for equal rights instead of the the right not to be men, is, I am finding, a difficult endeavor.

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