Man-Haters …

I used to call myself a feminist. I can no longer. It was really ridiculous to ever think a man could be a feminist. Any man who calls himself a feminist should be neutered.

Barbera Walker author of “Man Made God” has asserted that for a man to be called a feminist he must support the eventual creation of a Matriarchy in the United States. Wow… I was never for that. Are all these feminists walking around desirous of creating a Matriarchy? Do they want to exclude men from government, from the vote? I was never for that. Just thinking about that makes me feel unclean and needing a shower.

Many feminists exclaim that in the United States we now have a patriarchy. This is totally untrue. If this was true, women would not be able to hold office and neither would they have the vote. The only patriarchy I know of in the United States is within that religion, Christianity, from which a number of people have been voted into office. These people through their numbers have made these laws intruding into women’s reproductive system, not the entirety of the nation.

I hereby declare the feminist movement tainted and unworthy of my support. Even one man-hating feminist is too many if they hold some sway over others.

Henceforth I will support equality for all, special privileges and considerations for no one. No, no special privileges or considerations, not even on a temporary basis. The problem with special privileges and considerations is that they always fail to go away.

As far as women declaring that they must have total control of the reproductive process, then I insist they also assume total responsibility for any children that result. If a man has no input on whether or not he wants children, then he should have no responsibility for them. That’s a period at the end of that last sentence.

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