Assume Not Lest Ye Be Assumed … January 22, 2014

Now here’s a post that might rile some friends. I must however address this lest someone make some flawed assumptions.

Many assume that to be an atheist (I made this error) one must support feminism. Well, I did at first, it seemed reasonable at the time. Then along comes Barbara G. Walker who asserts that to be a feminist you must support the creation of a Matriarchy.

I do not support a matriarchy, nor do I look upon a patriarchy fondly, as both are discriminatory in nature. Many think we have a patriarchy now. This is not so as if it were the case women would not have the ability to vote or hold office. Yes, there is a majority of men in government now, as they were duly elected. Should there come a time when women are the majority in government, having been duly elected, so be it.

Radical man-hating feminists have ruined the feminist movement. They have turned some good people away through their efforts.

Meanwhile I will support equality for all, discrimination for none, and will never support a “faction” again, for any reason.

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