Assume Not Lest Ye Be Assumed … January 22, 2014

Now here’s a post that might rile some friends. I must however address this lest someone make some flawed assumptions.

Many assume that to be an atheist (I made this error) one must support feminism. Well, I did at first, it seemed reasonable at the time. Then along comes Barbara G. Walker who asserts that to be a feminist you must support the creation of a Matriarchy.

I do not support a matriarchy, nor do I look upon a patriarchy fondly, as both are discriminatory in nature. Many think we have a patriarchy now. This is not so as if it were the case women would not have the ability to vote or hold office. Yes, there is a majority of men in government now, as they were duly elected. Should there come a time when women are the majority in government, having been duly elected, so be it.

Radical man-hating feminists have ruined the feminist movement. They have turned some good people away through their efforts.

Meanwhile I will support equality for all, discrimination for none, and will never support a “faction” again, for any reason.

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5 Responses to Assume Not Lest Ye Be Assumed … January 22, 2014

  1. P Yew says:

    I rarely comment publicly on my views about feminism, it’s easier to avoid the conflict than to engage with the angrier people on the issue. I’m not a “feminist” intent on purging men from earth, nor do I think “matriarchy” [in any of the various iterations] is productive either. I do fully support equality of men and women alike. That includes at a minimum, equal pay as a baseline, with room for improvement based on merit. I think all fields of endeavor should be open to whichever gender desires to engage in them. [No gender defined roles] I’d like to see the abolition of glass ceilings in corporate and political society. There are areas where men have privilege that can be changed, and there are areas where women have privilege [child rearing, custody/support issues] that could be moved toward parity with men.
    I am mystified by the supposed divisions in the atheist community over the role of women. I’m somewhat isolated from organizational inner workings, so perhaps there’s a dynamic at work that I’m overlooking. Historically, ambitious women who wanted leadership roles went after them, quite successfully, I might add. Madalyn Murray O Hair would be a good example. Also, Elizabeth Cady-Stanton (American Suffragette). Gloria Steinam (women’s rights activist) Pamela Sargent (American Sci-Fi author), Susan Blackmore (English psychologist and memeticist), Beverly Halstead (British paleontologist and populariser of science), Lori Lipman Brown (Politician, lobbyist, lawyer, educator, and social worker supporter, Nevada state senator from 1992 to 1994), Heather Mac Donald (Writer and lawyer), and many more highly accomplished and outstanding atheist women in their fields.

  2. drenn1077 says:

    I have never believed that there was anything restricting women from assuming any role they wished to assume. Perhaps instead it was their outlook upon offered stereotypes that persuaded them not to pursue their heart’s desire and instead “fit” the molds prepared for them. My outlook on this includes perceived “glass ceilings”. Like many movements, feminism has, and will become more, about being a victim rather than progressing toward a goal of equality.
    The actual only distressing thing I have seen is that women upon aggressively pursuing positions not traditionally held by them seem to feel they must assume the mannerisms of men becoming vulgar and brutish. In this respect I am glad that I am reaching the final chapters of my life and will not live to see them degrade themselves further.

  3. john zande says:

    Why “must” there be a matriarchy? Isn’t this simply replacing one form of tyranny with another?

  4. drenn1077 says:

    I think that question should be asked of Barbara G. Walker. You are correct, but as I have stated, I do not think that a patriarchy exists now except in the minds of those who wish to play victim and desire power.

  5. john zande says:

    Sorry, I wasn’t asking you, rather a general question to the air.

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