Yes You Do, No I don’t, Yes You Do, No…Really I Don’t ….. November 25, 2013

delusionalA delusional person cannot see reality, at least where their delusion is concerned. You can tell them white is white and offer more than adequate proof that this is so, but, stubbornly, they insist it is black.

Recently, on a frequent basis, I see stories in the news and from other sources written by the religious that proclaims that even atheists believe and fear the word of god. I admit that for those newly minted atheists that this may be true, that is, that they fear using scripture negatively.

For the newly minted atheist who has seen enough to decide that things are not sermonexactly, perhaps not at all, as the pastor of his former church has taught in endless sermons on Sunday mornings. Despite this revelation, this epiphany of thought, after years of indoctrination and god looking over shoulderhaving been taught to think a certain way, the thought that god is staring, ever so intently over your shoulder, is hard to shake.

Many newcomers to the world of non-belief having nagging fears of committing some blasphemous act against the god they thought they knew. Though they have through exploration reached the conclusion that the bible is a work of fiction, somehow they retain residues of respect for its pages. For some it seems so wrong to dismember and destroy this book, this book that has biblecaused humankind such pain.

As time progresses for the atheist newcomer such reverence will faded Some, no doubt because of deep indoctrination, will never lose this feeling that they are committing some immoral act by failing to believe. There will always be some nagging doubt. For many, however, such as myself, who never gave much credence to such beliefs, merely using the believers as a remedy to loneliness, the reverence soon fades to nothing. The book assumes a place on the shelf as fiction.

Do I wish the bible banned? No. I do, however, urge those who have one to read itatheism inside carefully with reason turned on. Somewhere along the way while reading the outrageous claims found therein, I would expect a spark to ignite, eureka to be exhaled, and a new atheist born.

monsterFor those insistent religious that proclaim even atheists must believe I remind you that you are living a delusion. Those who live in a delusion cannot see the reality.

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3 Responses to Yes You Do, No I don’t, Yes You Do, No…Really I Don’t ….. November 25, 2013

  1. fred2levins says:

    “Somewhere along the way while reading the outrageous claims found therein, I would expect a spark to ignite, eureka to be exhaled, and a new atheist born.”

    Seeing the Bible as not being Divinely inspired does not, by itself IMHO, settle the question of the possibility of an addressable God or Divine Providence.

    Aside from that question, there is much in reality to deal with in our short lives. IMHO, at the end for most of us, many concerns, issues, and projects grounded in our shared reality will be left uncompleted. 99.8% of my time devoted to them (as they are in my own life) still gives me 1.5 hours per month for all considerations regarding the supernatural. Perhaps that is a appropriate division of my time for now, all things considered.

  2. fred2levins says:

    “… an appropriate division …”

  3. drenn1077 says:

    I would propose that you are right, for some, that finding the bible is not the inspired word of god would not lessen belief. I ponder if this might be because most christians (purposely not capitalized) have divorced their held beliefs from those presented by the bible anyway. By this I mean that the held belief no longer actually resembles, except superficially, anything in the bible. Also, we must consider that most christians do not arrive at belief rationally and therefore rationally examining the bible may do little to abate the emotional tie. Some people may be long past the time when they might benefit from a critical examination of the bible.

    Then again, having divorced themselves from the bible, what do they have left? What defense of their beliefs exists outside its pages? Those who could divorce themselves from the bible and still retain faith still would likely not be swayed by any evidence. They have created their own religion and will cling to it “bull-headedly” to the last breath. Though they may be unaware that their faith is unlike anyone else’s belief system, it most certainly will be, and will have the capacity to be reinforced by other’s faith, despite its differences. We will have to accept the fact that after some time there are those who become “set”, in the same sense that cement becomes “set”. Nothing will dissuade them, no amount of contradictory information will be able to sift through the barriers which they have erected. They are emotionally tied to their faith structure and have long since abandoned any search for actual truth, thinking they have found it.

    Is the supernatural worth examining? After a while, having found no evidence of the supernatural or divine, isn’t devoting time to its examination a waste of time, no matter how little it is. I think so. This is not to say that the mind should be closed should by happenstance a supernatural event would occur in the course of one’s daily life. Isn’t it justifiable that after examining information regarding the supernatural and finding no evidence for it that, if one chooses, the search should become more passive rather than active? Why waste the effort? Wouldn’t it be just as wasteful as going to church when one does not believe in it? At 1.5 hours per month that’s 18 hours a year, or in ten years 180 hours, thrown away. You might as well start smoking, I am sure you could shave that much and more from your life.

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