Intelligent Deception … March 27, 2013

Ignorance has its intelligent proponents. Its major difficulty is how to convince people something is right, when it is so terribly wrong. The proponents, of course, do not think what they are supporting as being terribly wrong. If they were convinced of this and still promoted it they would be in another category: Liars for Jesus.

For the Intelligent design proponent the problem is clear. How to prove something which cannot be proven. These people fully believe that what they are doing is providing support for the truth. Yet, in the past when they have attempted to prove the correctness of what they believe they have found it impossible to do so.

Think-tanks are formed, like the Discovery Institute, in an attempt to come up with proofs for that which cannot be proven. After much consideration it seems as if their solution to the problem is this: Complexity. No, not irreducible complexity, though that concept has its supporters too, just complexity.

confusedThe Discovery Institute decided after much debate to fabricate enormously complex proofs for intelligent design concepts. The complexity is such that the average joe could not, but also would not, attempt to understand these explanations. The average Joes and Janes are the targets of these con-men. Through many large events, drawing crowds of thousands, these masters of deception have bilked willing yokels out of millions of dollars.

Experts have unraveled their complex but obscure proofs and found them gibberish.

William Lane Craig is another deceiver that cloaks his “proofs” in unintelligibleconfused 2 longwinded, and quite never-ending speech. The only plus the man has is that he is an expert debater who could probably convince some poor gullible slob that up is down and down is up. Although supposedly winning most of his debates it is through obfuscation and deception that he has done so. If the person you are debating doesn’t have a clue about what you are talking what chance do they have of responding? Craig uses various bombastic tricks he has honed over the years to confuse and outclass his opponent.

confused 3In the end, deception is all they have left. If their god truly does exist, that god has left them blowing in the wind. Not a shred of evidence exists to substantiate the reality of their god, including Jesus. The only thing they can resort to is attempting to prove that which cannot be proven, with demonstrations of deception.

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