A World Without God …….. February 25, 2013

Atheists often dream what the world would be like without the existence of religion. On the other hand, Christians often lament what the world would be like without God.

Atheists have a legitimate dream. Religion has had a terrible history on this planet. A history of oppression and violence. It has fought any new ideas which developed that threatened its stranglehold on the minds of the masses. It truly would be a delight to see how much further the human race might have progressed by now if it had not been afflicted with the disease of religion.

The Christian lamentations concerning a world without God are disingenuous. After all, it is already the case that this is a world without God. God’s existence is only in the mind of the religious, having been created by a measure of his/her religion and a larger measure of his or her concept of what God should be.Prayer 1 Each concept, therefore, each God, is different for each individual.

People who have not been exposed to some religion of some kind on this planet are rare. When found they are quickly exposed to the religion of those who found them. Before they were found, however, they probably were doing just fine without any God concept whatsoever. There are people living without the Christian God on this planet even now, though they may be tainted by other concepts of a God.

So what does the lamentation of Christians have to say about their beliefs? What they are truly saying is that they themselves would be truly lost, truly corrupt, without the concept of God in their heads. They themselves are of evil intent, murderers, and rapists. murdererWithout the concept of God in their heads they feel that they would be without restraint in carrying out their deepest depravity. So… who is evil? The Christian or the Atheist? While the Christian sits in a pew chewing his or her fingernails off worrying about meeting some measure of that needed to attain Heaven’s reward, Atheists are simply living life to the fullest, sitting peacefully, sipping coffee. While Christians are in despair worrying about falling by the wayside, or turning to a life of evil, Atheists just keep-on keeping-on.

Seems Atheism is a much more stable configuration to me.

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1 Response to A World Without God …….. February 25, 2013

  1. Fred Levins says:

    I know of instances of specific instances of anxiety related to religious beliefs from my own life in my early youth and in the lives of others that I have learned about through conversations over the years and through reading. That is not an element in my life now. What concerns I do have now and then are related to the natural world, what I think of as our shared, accepted, and recognized context, a.k.a. reality as we know it, not the supernatural world.

    These days while I am sipping coffee, which I look forward to enjoying every day, my mind is free of major worries of the sort related to any raging crises in my life. There are no fires that I am responsible at the moment for putting out. However, there are issues of the types commonly encountered in the human situation. I have had two total hip replacement operations in the past three months, which were the culmination of a long history of events leading up to them. THR’s sometimes, although in a small percentage of cases, go seriously wrong, but I dodged those bullets. The surgical issue eclipsed others for several months, but with the recovery process proceeding apace and better than I could have imagined, soon I will be thinking of other things. My sister-in-law’s mother will probably not live to see the summer solstice, which is a troubling nearby reminder for me that our limited hours of mentally alert time are very precious, indeed. The mother is beset by a combination of rapidly advancing dementia and peritoneal cancer. It appears that the cancer will spare the mother from years of life with her mental faculties much reduced. These concerns are grounded in reality.

    When I converse with the Christians I know, we talk about realistic issues such as these, not religion.

    Cognizant that my alert hours are limited, I ought to carefully choose my focuses or foci. To give my mind free rein is a luxury, a treat, a thought to which I frequently return.

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