Whipping Up the Hate … February 13, 2013


The purveyors of hate continue to churn out the lies in an effort to agitate the masses into marching to the drum of their tune. While proclaiming wisdom and truth instead they feed the willing listeners of their diatribe words of hatred, words of deceit, and words of slander.

We of the world of reason, can readily detect when these malcontents, these rabble-rousers, are lying: Their mouths are open.

Day after day it is demonstrated that these people, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity, are having influence on their gullible listeners. The daily callers to these shows express undying devotion to these paragons of prevarication, elevating them, then maintaining them on a pedestal. The abject submission displayed by this chattel, even in the face of information spewing from their idols which is contrary to their own interests, is frightening.

It is safe to assert that these adherents, these slaves, are mostly, if not entirely,  composed of self-proclaimed followers of Christianity. This explains much. This flock, this herd of lambs, has already fallen for the most extensive charade, the behemoth of hoaxes. They are therefore vulnerable. As long as the purveyor of lies utilizes this tie to Christianity, the flock, these willing sacrificial lambs, can be influenced, can be turned, to serve the interests of the deceiver, even if it leads to events contrary to their own interests.

Franklin RooseveltThese idols, false idols, these prevaricators, through the continuous drone of daily exhortations via the airwaves, have their willing subjects, their submissive mental captives, completely convinced that President Obama is destroying this country; no… that President Obama is purposely working to destroy this country. As a result, an up swelling of hatred has been kindled, the likes of which have not been seen since the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Roosevelt’s administration was also under fire from those who “thought they knew better”.

What is the level of commitment of these humble followers of the fountains of hate? Do they refrain from taking advantage of the very programs which their preaching leaders abhor and want to terminate? SheepWould the social security program be in such dire straits if the Republicans that object to its existence eschewed their claim upon it? Would the financial well-being of Medicare be questioned if the people who labeled it socialism rejected enlistment? While violating their own principles they smirk and mumble, “It’s there, might as well take advantage of it.”

Although it is probably a futile dream, one can hope that someday these sheepish soldiers of the paragons of malevolence will arrive at a level of consciousness where reality will manifest. Until then, these masters of duplicity will continue to prosper on the backs of the duped unfortunates and mentally challenged.

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