An Open Door ……………. February 11, 2013


grunge city

The door is open a crack. Granted it is only a very small nearly imperceptible crack. This means the door is not locked. That which is beyond the door could push its way inward, inward into your thoughts. The door is the door to your mind. That which is outside, in this case, is Christianity.

Over the years I have noticed that many atheists and agnostics will leave the door to their mind open, if only a crack, for Christianity. The door is never open to Zeus and his horde of Gods. The door to Odin and his son Thor has rusty hinges from lack of use. Yet, when Atheists or Agnostics allow there is that small chance God may exist, why is it always the God of the Bible?

Maybe an Atheist or Agnostic in another country would leave the door open a crack for some other God. It could be that one leaves the door open to the God in your neighborhood.

Knowing what we know in these enlightened times from gleaning information leftover after Christians, over the ages, worked so hard to destroy it, hide it, obscure it, why allow the door to Christianity open even a millimeter? We have more than sufficient information to prove that the New Testament was merely extrapolated from the Old Testament, sometimes word for word. The Old Testament itself has many plagiarized stories taken from older myths and legends. We know that Books were deleted and passages added. We know that the authors of the four most well known books of the Bible, the Gospels, were not who they were said to be.

It simply makes no sense to leave the door open for the Christian God if the doors to others are locked tight. There is every bit as much information substantiating Zeus’ existence as Jesus’, maybe more. Odin and Thor are much more fun than the jealous and murderous God of the Bible. Odin said he would rid the world of Ice Giants. I haven’t seen any lately. God would see the end of evil, yet it still remains.

If you must leave some door open a crack for some God, make it an unknown God. It is clear you cannot trust the Gods of man as man’s imagination is endless. No known God has presented itself or provided the means to identify and confirm its existence. Clearly, if there is a God, that God is unknown.

All I am saying is that if for some reason you have to leave the door to your mind open to some God, even if just a crack, make that God one for which there is no evidence pointing to its fictitious origins. Then, once establishing this tiny crack, wait until such time as there is ample reason to open the door further. If you come to me with evidence of your new found God, it had better be good!

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