What, The Devil? ………………December 10, 2012

It is well known that theists compartmentalize their thinking. Compartmentalize means: To separate into distinct parts, categories, or compartments. What this means is that they can keep science and theology separate within their minds and never use science to scrutinize their beliefs. If they did examine their beliefs with logic and reason, well, they wouldn’t be theists. Then again, after a lifetime of indoctrination, how can theists be expected to examine anything associated with their religion. In what way can atheists be associated with anyone’s religion? Obviously, theists see atheists as associated with their religious beliefs because atheists do not accept those beliefs. (Their beliefs do not allow for that.)

god 2                                                                    Halloween_devil_2

The faithful in great numbers have always insisted that atheists are evil devil worshipers. This assertion makes no sense. If we were evil devil worshipers that would mean that we believe in Satan. If that were the case, we would not be atheists. Atheists state they either disbelieve in God, or they simply say, as I always do, that there are no Gods. If we believed in Satan that would also imply that God exists, for God is said to have made Satan. God said he made all the good and all the evil. If atheists claim disbelief in a God, or claim that no Gods exist, then how can theists claim that atheists serve the devil, since to do so one must believe in what you serve? When theists make the claim that atheists serve Satan they fail to examine the absurdity of the claim.

Or, do the believers claim that atheists serve Satan inadvertently as opposed to advertently. Since they are quite serious that their God really exists and that therefore Satan does also the theists must conclude that everything is under the stewardship of one or the other. Since atheists do not accept God’s existence the conclusion is drawn that atheists are being manipulated by Satan, whether the atheists are aware of it or not.

All of this reasoning on the part of theists is reminiscent of the Biblical scripture Matthew  12:30. Black and white reasoning where there are no grays: ” Either you’re with me or against me!” Since atheists are not with them, then we, the atheists, are the enemy. Theists consider themselves on the side of God. Therefore, atheists, being against them (by not being with them), must be against their God. God’s enemy is Satan, so naturally, atheists must be “with” Satan. For these poor misfits there is no third alternative. There is no spot where you can choose neither. There is no door number three. There is no room for compassion for outsiders.

Thankfully these sub humans are not a majority within the population that claim Christian affiliation. They do however practice their religion as it originally was meant, as a literal Biblical reading would dictate. In reality, these fundamentalists, these ignorant people, are the only true Christians. (If any can be said to be so, considering the nature of the book from which it is all drawn)

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