The Perils of Overly Plentiful Posting … Special edition

I post once a week, unless there is something important I have to say. This is a special post for posters, here, on WordPress.

There was a time when I churned out four or five posts a week. The posts were posted on WordPress and on the local newspaper site. The newspaper site is no longer available as the owners got cheap and decided everyone had to pay to play. The blogs were taken down in their entirety on the newspaper site with no promise of a return should you want to pay to play. For me the site was useless without the blogs so I am presently with no other avenue than here, on the WordPress site.

During the period I was churning out posts like some sort of post-factory one frequent reader made the comment that I should not post so often as people only had so much time in the day and were more than likely going to ignore the posts. Then too, the quality suffered when posts were quickly composed and then relayed to the site.

So I have adopted a posting schedule. I post on Sunday, with Monday being the deadline. Once a week so that I will have time to compose each piece and perhaps even prepare some ahead.

There are many out there who post frantically, perhaps churning out 3 or 4 posts a day. Although I look at some, I do so briefly, and then delete them. There are only so many hours in a day, you know. Sometimes I look at the list of blogs that have come in and shake my head, disappointed I have no time, and probably won’t have time to ever read them all. So I delete them sight unseen. What a waste.

My recommendation is for all to adopt a publication schedule and keep it. Even twice a week, or once a day, is better than a flood.

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