Does Not Apply.(note, period) October 22, 2012

Ever read at letter to the editor or seen a sign carried by a Christian exclaiming this or that piece of scripture?  c162819 Ever hear them assert that the nation had better return to God or face the consequences?

Discounting the fact that every Christian interprets the Bible differently, has a different vision of what God is or isn’t, and cherry picks what they want to obey and what they want to ignore, why do these poor excuses for human beings insist that everyone is subject to these antiquated rules and laws or is even impressed by them?

If you have ever engaged one of these robots for God, or as some people call them, sheeple, then you know that sooner or later in a conversation there will be hell-fire and brimstone pouring from their mouths in the form of selected Bible scriptures. By golly, and you know what, they actually seem to expect you to be impressed by the passages, and assume a state of humble humility. It seems to be beyond their capacity to understand or accept that you might not have any respect whatsoever when Biblical babble begins to flow from their mouths like sewer water after a heavy rain. If these people weren’t so potentially dangerous one might just ignore them.

The bible was written by the ignorant for the ignorant. It’s time to put the Bible beside the stories of the Brothers Grimm on the library shelves, and put a sticker on its binding designating it a book of ‘Grimmer Fairy Tales’.

I do not accept that the Bible is the word of God. I do not even allow that it might be the inspired word of God. In fact it has nothing whatsoever to do with a god of any kind. It is a badly written collection of contradictory stories arranged in such a fashion that it can be weaved together loosely. It is purposefully vague in many areas so it can be interpreted in whatever way required to fit, poorly I might add, the moment.

And Jesus? What about Jesus? Jesus is no more real than Peter Cottontail. c277058

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