You Poor Man, I Hope You Get Well. October 15, 2012

A simple cold lingers on for several days. Usually mild, the person afflicted can carry on, perhaps even go to work or to school. The virus involved has filled a niche and is what it is by way of natural selection. By remaining a mild plight the virus does not kill its host, permitting the carrier to still function and move among others. The sickness thereby passes by casual contact or errant sneeze. The malady soon vanishes from the original host, but the virus has passed, moved elsewhere within the population. A common cold virus survives, not by killing its host, but multiplying within the host, and thereby being passed from host to host within fluids emitted by the host.

A virus or bacterium can infect the body. A parasite can live within the body as well. But, what about the mind? The mind is a phenomenon created by the brain which is composed of  a mass of neurons. So though a disease might affect the level of consciousness through the symptoms it produces, even create a delirium, it is an expected side-effect.

A computer, by the efforts of a person savvy in programming, can be infected with a computer virus. A computer virus is a program that can replicate itself and spread from computer to computer. Its effects can range from totally shutting down your computer to doing nothing at all but reside therein. Is there a virus of the mind?

An ant parasite, which causes its host’s abdomen to turn a cherry red and then impels the host to climb up upon a leaf or a blade of grass and present that cherry to a passing bird, spreads itself by affecting the ant’s behavior. The bird becomes infected and spreads the parasite via its droppings, which other ants collect and feed to their young.

The mind is not a physical thing and cannot be infected by an organic disease or parasite(The brain can be affected by disease, and can be inhabited by parasites. The presence of either can affect the behavior and thinking as a side effect) The effects of brain maladies on thought is a separate issue. Consider the brain, the organic brain, without disease or parasite, and the individual not influenced by any other physical affliction; is the mind still vulnerable to a virus not of organic construct, but constructed instead of thought?

Humans communicate through a language composed of words. A small child learning language for the first time needs repetition. Over time, the presentation of words in repetition and in relation to the objects or instances they represent, become instilled within the mind. This is programming only and is far away from being critical thought. At an early age a child can survive by learning the program. Trusting, not possessing the faculties to analyze the authenticity, the truthfulness, of the inputted information, the child is protected from harm, and unfortunately, also vulnerable to being given false information.

Childhood programming is the basis upon which the adult understanding is built. Those who would teach a doctrine would do well to start when the student is very young. Both lies and truth can be taught the child. When the child becomes adult the lies can be maintained through reinforcement.

This programming, this doctrine, remains in the mind. Even if the individual leaves the realms of the doctrine, it lies dormant within the mind, ready to resurface at some future time when a thought or word is spoken which contradicts it. Then the person, even if outwardly appearing as objecting civilly, becomes agitated and angry; the heart beat increases. This behavior is very much like a primal fight or flee, self-preservation, reaction to a threat. It is very much a reflex reaction.

Evolution is a proven fact as far as the layman is concerned. Evolution is every bit as valid as the Theory of Gravity and backed by a great deal more evidence. Yet, due to ignorance, whether willful or simple, there are those who deny the facts. The Theory of Evolution contradicts the doctrine. If one mentions the word evolution in mixed company the hibernating mental virus, instilled in youth, or reinforced in adulthood, leaps to life to defend the faith.

Ignorance is a quality treasured by those who wish to manipulate the population. If you wish to alter a country, make its inhabitants willing servants, keep them in the dark, keep them in ignorance. Doctrine that contradicts the truth, contradicts science, is a useful program. Doctrine that has no foundation, no evidence to back it up, once successfully instilled in the psyche, renders the host vulnerable, and gullible, in the face of further unfounded propaganda (psychics, ghosts, hauntings, and homeopathy).

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