That Atheist Thumb….. October 1, 2012

Atheists have been given a bad rap ever since humans’ invented Gods. There is little that the non-believer can say or do which will stop this sort of defamation.

How can atheists improve their image? Well, one thing is for sure. Atheists will not solicit approving nods by sticking their thumbs in a Christian’s eye.

Many new atheists, eager to demonstrate their viewpoints, are sometimes wont to become too aggressive. As a result, the image which many atheists are trying to improve, takes another hit. Reflexive, un-reasoned behavior is frowned upon in almost every society. Human beings in a social setting do not gain favor by honking off their neighbors.

In a public setting only the best behavior will elicit the desired results. If the atheist demonstrates that he/she is simply a human being like everyone else and behaves accordingly, then perhaps the desired result of improving one’s image will be achieved.

Atheists who form groups, incorporate, and have a mission statement, should abide by that mission statement. As a group they need to showcase what the group is all about. No group which wishes to improve the lot of its members can afford to have any of its members act in the name of the group in an inappropriate way.

As an individual acting on his/her own they are of course free to besmirch their own character to their heart’s desire. Why they would want to do that is unfathomable, but nevertheless, they do. Simply do not act in the name of the group.

Aggressiveness in a group has to be channeled in a productive manner. This is even more vital when that group is of a sort that has been demonized since ancient times. A mature approach must be engaged upon. That requires those who are in charge to exercise restraint in planning just what activities the group will become involved in.

American Atheists exercises restraint in what battles they will embark upon. They still get undeserved criticism from most corners, usually from the religious, but by exercising care they can conserve resources for those battles which are winnable. The Freedom From Religion Foundation, however, continues to get involved in numerous lawsuits, many of which they cannot win.

As an incorporated group a business-like atmosphere should be pursued and maintained. In many ways, it is required if that group is to pursue non-profit status. As a group continues to work toward non-profit status there are certain requirements they have to meet, two of them are:

  • A Board of Directors must be formed with no less than three individuals, though, there can be more.
  •   These three are to keep the organization focused on their mission statement. They are to determine the direction of the group. Working together the group goes forward.

No one director can determine the direction the organization is to take, all directors must ensure that the organization abides by its mission statement. 

No organization starts with great heaping bags of money. This necessitates that the organization choose its activities wisely. Despite desires, everything is not possible.

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