Just Plain Stupid

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Religious fundamentalists resist secular educational systems like the public schools and the colleges and universities with good reason. Such seats of higher learning are anathema to the religious dogma that they prefer be instilled within their children. If their children were actually taught how to think as well as learn that there are a myriad of alternate belief systems in the world, they fear, the little ones might reject the dogma for what it is, superstitious myth.

After much reading and consideration I have come to the conclusion that there are at least three types among the religious. First, the willfully ignorant, who have been exposed to the truth of science, understood it yet have rejected it in favor of myth. Secondly, the truly ignorant, blissfully so, happily so. Thirdly, the plain stupid who are unable to see the absurdities of religion and are unable to grasp the science should they encounter it.

Of the fundamentalists all three types reject evolution, insisting it is just a theory. Using a layman’s understanding of the word theory, they assert that the theory of evolution is a guess. In the view of scientists, however, the word theory means something more substantial, more solid. In the case of evolution the strength of observational, fossil, as well as genetic evidence is such, that in truth evolution is fact. The willfully ignorant, the first type above, able to understand it, still reject it, even though in every other aspect of their lives they are capable of using both logic and reason. They fail to use logic and reason only in the area of faith. The second type above doesn’t even care to learn about evolution, and are content to remain ignorant. The third type, the plain stupid, are simply that.

Also willfully or ignorantly disregarded and resisted are some other facts.

  • The age of the Earth is 4.5 billion years old, not six to ten thousand. (Evidence overwhelming)
  • Dinosaurs never walked the Earth at the same time as humans. (Geological layers say they died out about 65 million years before humans.)
  • The ark was way too small as described.
  • much, much more

Fundamentalists hate science because it threatens to destroy their beliefs. Beliefs so tightly held that all of reality is insufficient to cause any of the faithful to so much as consider they might be wrong.



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