The Fascist Agenda

Two previous Blogs “American Fascism is Alive and Well” and “Resisting Fascism in Your Hometown” expounded on the intrusion of the fundamentalist Conservative Right into the public schools using the vehicle provided by a 2001 ruling of the Supreme Court which provided a backdoor for religious proselytizing, thereby violating the separation of Church and State.

It is not the intent of this vicious group of religious fanatics to just change the schools, they want total control, and failing in that, they desire the demise of the public school system. They wish to destroy the public schools by advocating a school voucher program, bleeding away the funds needed to operate the public school system. Using public tax money they wish to build religious schools. By taking control of the children, either by infiltrating the public school boards and installing religious instruction, in fact, proselytizing the students, or by destroying the public schools and establishing Christian schools, the ultimate goal is to make the United States into the “Christian Nation” they envision. In the end, if they are successful, and there is great doubt they will be, only Christians and the rich will receive an education, while most likely, the poor will receive nothing. Even if they fail, the effort will cause immense damage to the public educational system.

Some facts revealed by Katherine Stewarts book : “The Good News Club: The Christian Rights Stealth Assault on America’s Children”:

…2001 ruling by the Supreme Court, led by Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas, Good News Club versus Milford Central School District, provided a backdoor to religious groups.

…By 2010 there were 3,439 Good News Clubs, nearly all in public K-6 around the country.

…In the past three decades the level of religious activity in public schools has risen and the associated religion related conflict level increased in synchrony.

…As a result of Thomas and his allies on the Supreme Court religious groups have been elevated to a super category which has a substantially greater degree of access to the public schools than any other kind of group.

…In 1974 Billy Graham and a group of nefarious cohorts formed the Lausanne Movement, an organization formed for the purposes of uniting evangelicals in the task of the total evangelization of the world.

The First Amendment, thought a bulwark, a defense against Fascism, has been turned around and used to wedge religion into the public schools. It has been manipulated to provide an opportunity for fundamentalist Christian groups to exercise their intolerance. They do not want to have their religion included in the schools, they in fact desire that the schools be absorbed into their religion.

It is easy to dismiss these people as fanatics, and yet it seems, the mean what they say and are attempting to carry it out. As Katherine Stewart warns: “Maybe we should listen to them now, before it’s too late.”

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