American Fascism is Alive and Well

In a previous post entitled “Resisting Fascism in your home town” It was illustrated how the CEF, the Child Evangelism Fellowship has infiltrated the schools as a result of an intentional ruling by the Supreme Court in 2001, allowing access under the cloak of the First Amendment. Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas presented a judgment in a case where a church was suing for access to a school after hours. In Good News Club v. Milford Central Schools the Supreme Court ruled that the public schools may not discriminate against speech that takes place within that forum on the basis of the viewpoint it expresses—in this case, against religious speech engaged in by an evangelical Christian club for children.

The Child Evangelism Fellowship was not the only fundamentalist cult waiting in the wings for such a crack in the Wall of Separation between Church and State. Baptist fundamentalists as well as a variety of “roaming” evangelists are rushing into the schools to take advantage of this new “harvest field”. In effect, this ruling that gives churches access to public schools, during after hours, at little to no cost, amounts to a subsidy of religious activities by taxpayer dollars. An absolute violation of the Separation of the Church and State.

Fundamentalist religious organizations under the guise of providing informational instruction are instead proselytizing to students, gaining converts, which are then prompted by the instructors to approach and proselytize their fellow students, whose parents decided not to allow their child to get involved with the after hours religious instruction. The goal is complete conversion of the 4 to 14 age group children.

These are not the middle of the road religious organizations teaching Bobby or Suzy moral concepts, and moderate religious views. These are hell-fire, end-of-the-world fundamentalist evangelizers. That is precisely what they teach the children to say to their friends. What you, as a parent have to decide is: do you want your little boy or girl walking up to their friends and point blank telling them that they are going to hell? Is it really something desirable that at an age where a child should be playing that they should instead be speaking to the other children about religion, asserting that they are sinners, that salvation by way of Jesus is the only thing that will save them from hell, and that they had better hurry up because the world could end tomorrow?

Should a church that has been given access to the schools after hours by way of deceptive rulings concerning free speech be permitted to strike fear into the hearts and minds of small children for the purposes of motivating them to proselytize to fellow students who for whatever reason were excluded from the attendance of these religious predators?

One definition of fascism states: 2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) any ideology, movement, program, tendency, etc., that may be characterized as right-wing, chauvinist, authoritarian, etc.. This movement of religious organizations into schools certainly is far right, definitely authoritarian, and fundamentalism is most often very chauvinistic.

Children are very trusting of adult figures at the ages for which these programs are aimed. They do not have the wherewithal to ascertain whether they are being lied to or not. Just as they are obedient to their teacher, this intruder into the public schools is seen as a teacher. Having been enrolled by their parents, in which they have complete trust, what would cause them to doubt? Parents who think that they are enrolling their little pride and joy in a class for the purpose of a little moral instruction are being deceived.

If the CEF and others are successful in their mission to proselytize and convert the generation coming up then we can expect to see a continuing devolvement of intellectual reasoning as well as technological achievement. Why should a student be expected to excel in achievement, after all, the world is ending tomorrow, isn’t it?

( Please read the book “The Good News Club” by Katherine Stewart, for more information)

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