Republican Right’s Hostile Assault on America’s Schools

“Keep ‘em Ignorant.” This has become the technique which the conservative right within the Republican party has chosen to instill their ideas and beliefs within the minds of the gullible. One of the obstacles standing in their way of controlling the minds of it’s targeted audience is the schools. As a result the conservative right has made a concerted organized effort to infiltrate public school boards for the purpose of disrupting, neutralizing, and eventually destroying the public school system from within.

Conservative Christian parents have aligned themselves with religious-right political organizations to take control of local school boards–more than 2,000 of them, a leader of one religious-right group claims.”

The Religious right has a plan to make this nation into the “Christian Nation” which they wrongly assert is what it was intended to be. As long as the nation’s schools teach the truth about history this plan is stymied. In an effort to force public schools out of existence by whatever means and establish church run local schools in their stead, they have adopted various means: If the history as presented isn’t to your liking, rewrite it, and that is precisely what is going on in the State of Texas. Taking over local public school boards and creating conflict by trying to establish Christian concepts into the schools, a literal dumbing down of our education system. Advocating voucher systems in an attempt to drain funds and thereby starve the public school system.

The Republican political right has adopted a new means to help their corporate buddies. They have for several years now promoted “Sound Science” whenever there is some scientific data that restricts or warns business that what they are doing is bad for the planet. “Sound Science”? Who couldn’t be for “Sound Science”. Unfortunately it is a term adopted by the right to denigrate, dismiss legitimate science on the grounds that said science is not totally absolutely assured in their conclusions. From climate warming, second-hand smoke, to the poisoning of the environment by various industrial chemicals, science has faced attacks by this new insistence on “sound science” by the Republican right, an insistence whose sole purpose is to delay, dismiss, or obscure the truth about each specific issue. The Republicans appear willing to allow the environment of this planet to be destroyed all for the sake of a fast buck.

And now, we have Mitt Romney, a Mormon, racing for the presidency. Mormons have railed against the government consistently, infiltrating not only public schools, but government institutions in general. The objective: starve the beast (the U.S. government), how easy this will become with one of their own in the highest office of the land.

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