Born in Sin, Come on In….

The central defining point of Christianity is that everyone from birth is born in sin. This is credited to the original sin of Eve eating of the tree of knowledge of right and wrong, and then getting Adam to do the same. The tiny innocent baby is considered sinful from birth. This child, knowing nothing, is then subjected over time to a doctrine which creates a self-loathing perspective and a basis for presenting a scenario for which the child needs redemption. That redemption, through blood, is provided by the story of Jesus’ crucifixion.

How barbaric! It’s the same old story, somewhat, but not entirely detached, from the ancient ritual of sacrificing a pure and innocent virgin to a volcano for the appeasement of an angry god.

The Judaic religion, early on, was all about human sacrifice to the gods.(Correction, animal sacrifice was the enduring feature of Judaism, not human sacrifice, I have found no evidence of human sacrifice references as of this correction. However, there are many references in the Bible indicating that such was the case.Ezekiel 20:25-26. There is the cruel command god gave to Abram(Honored Father.  ) to sacrifice his favored child Isaac. In several passages God appears to have a great propensity for killing his people. Circumcision was seen as a substitute for human sacrifice, which seems to indicate there had been sacrifices in the deep past) As time went on this was seen as barbaric and a lamb was substituted. This practice, which to my knowledge, has been abandoned also due to changing social moral standards.

The Christians, however, though also abandoning such practices, still needed a way to procure atonement for imagined sins(and to keep the faithful, faithful), and so the story of Jesus’ self-less act was fabricated.

1 Corinthians 11:24…and when He had given thanks, He broke it and said, “Take, eat; this is My body which is broken for you: this do in remembrance of Me.”

Even cannibalism is symbolized in the above scripture. Jesus is described as the Lamb of God, a pure innocent for the altar of sacrifice.

Everything in Christianity rides on the original sin committed by two individuals who are presented as the beginnings of humankind. If they did not exist then the whole house of cards collapses. Science has determined the impossibility of a scenario that the human race began with one sole couple. It does not end there, as science reveals the truth, Christianity concedes ever more, and now the whole of Adam and Eve is viewed as an allegory by many. A symbolic story. A fabrication.

How they can continue is a mystery, without Adam and Eve there is no original sin, no need for atonement. The whole house of cards is in shambles.

How so much like a virus this mind worm behaves. It adapts to every intrusion into it’s realm and creates a basis for continuing the faith despite it’s absurdity. There is no evidence that can be offered, no logical reasoning that can be presented, for which some abstract and twisted reasoning cannot be conceived which will keep the faithful intact.

Even without the foundation, Adam and Eve, without the original sin, people continue to loath themselves as sinful, and imagine humanity doomed unless the premise presented by a book written thousands of years into humanity’s infancy, is accepted. A book, recopied so many times, from copies, as the originals no longer exist. The Bible is so flawed, rearranged, deleted books, inserted books, the end product is so badly written that my father, while drunk, could have written a better one. I suspect that much of what was written in the Bible was written while the author was inebriated or otherwise high on some contemporary drug present at the time.

Fear is the basis of religious faith. Fear of death, desire for an afterlife, a fear of the unknown, drives people to seek a remedy. Their lives were much shorter than today’s people. They were self-aware, experienced life much in the same way as people today and were horrified at the prospect of it’s finiteness. The experience of consciousness, the ability of the brain to present the illusion of self-awareness, made them reject the idea that it all came to an end with death. It didn’t matter that there was no evidence of anything continuing after death, no soul, they imagined themselves carrying on in some distant location which they imagined as heaven where they would see once again the relatives which long ago perished. Seeing evil in the world, they also could not imagine that some individuals would show up in that ideal world, hell was invented. There had to be some discerning mechanism to determine who went to heaven, there had to be a test, a measure of each individual, for entry into the heavenly realm. The first tests were no doubt extremely hard to pass and so it came to be that simple faith, belief, would be sufficient. Perhaps a rebirth is in order.

The need for proof was bypassed by claiming that God, and heaven, simply are not knowable or seeable by human beings. In this way it could be offered without proof, playing on fear, and be invulnerable to scientific scrutiny. Present day Christians are a product of two thousand years plus of refinement of text. Once it inhabits an individuals psyche it is very difficult to dislodge, and though tempered, the fear often remains long after leaving one of the many cults which comprise Christianity.

To conclude: It is obvious that religions, worldwide, were born of fear of death, peoples’ fear of ceasing to exist. It is obvious that original sin was invented to capture and retain a group of adherents within a closed society. Religion as it is today, refined in form, is a method of controlling subjects, making them quiescent and obedient. With the nature of the beast of religion, comes self-loathing, self-deprecation, and a slave type mentality. In this way these subjects passively accept and support efforts of those in charge even when those efforts are not in the best interests of themselves. They will support wars generated by their rulers, although it is they who will do all the dying. They will support policies which will leave them in poverty, disease, and perpetual misery; for who are they, the lowest of the lowly, to object?

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