An Outrage

Imagine the public outrage at the following possible, fictitious headline:


There would be no end to complaints of violation of free speech.



Both cases would be a violation of free speech. Why is it that the following headline would be accepted as justice by 70% of Americans?




The plain truth is that religion must stifle free speech for in the face of actual truth, the pseudo-truth of religion withers. This is why Christianity, despite claims to the contrary, is waging war on the Constitution of the United States, and has waged war upon it, since it’s inception. Without the ability to control the government and the courts Christianity is powerless to enforce it’s dogma upon the public at large. Life under a Christian concept of God’s Law would be no more tolerable than life under Sharia Law, or for that matter under anyone’s rigid religious dictates.

Stifling of free speech, be it Atheist, Christian, or Muslim is a diminishment of guaranteed Constitutional rights. It is an admission by the oppressor that the ideas he/she proposes cannot withstand a debate and can prevail only if other ideas are suppressed or eliminated.

There are those who would accept the negative publicity generated by the stifling of free speech in such an oppression of Constitutional rights as promoting the cause of the oppressed. There are others, like myself, who see it as a perpetuation of the stigma generated by the religious against anyone who detracts from, or opposes, their tyranny.

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10 Responses to An Outrage

  1. westie says:


  2. drenn1077 says:

    Why do the religious do this? Why try to force others to obey the edicts of their God? The reason is… they actually think they are doing a good thing. In the light of reality, however, what they are doing is immoral.

  3. RR says:

    Drenn, your buddy Mike is becoming a pulpit atheist. Watch and see

  4. drenn1077 says:

    Care to illustrate why you think that?

  5. RR says:

    Check NJ out you will see

  6. drenn1077 says:

    Already did. Your post is in error. Not all the comments mentioned were made by Mike.

  7. Eddgar says:

    Creationists want to return to a time when we did not have any exitpnalaon for why life had arisen, and therefore, we posited the existence of gods who created life. That time has passed; we now have a fine exitpnalaon for the existence of life which fits all of the observations.All of their attempts to find ‘defects’ in the theory ostensibly to bring it down are completely missing the point. It’s a *huge* fallacy to think that if any defect is found in the theory, then thus creationism wins especially since its previous standing as best guess’ was based entirely on a complete lack of a non-magical exitpnalaon. A given magical exitpnalaon was never any better than any other magical exitpnalaon. It is like arguing that if an unexpected deviation is found in the orbit of Pluto, then astronomers should react by going back to believing that the Earth is (a) actually flat and (b) supported in its seat beneath the heavens by specifically elephants and turtles.If there is a scratch in the paint of my house, I ‘m not therefore going to abandon it and come and live in your flawless, magical soap bubble.We cannot pretend that evolution is a optional belief’, after seeing all the evidence we have, after sequencing DNA for so many animals and finding that it’s in agreement with virtually everything that was deduced indirectly from the fossil record, morphology and geographical distribution. Just as we cannot look at pictures recently taken from within the shadow of Saturn a viewpoint that can only be reached by constructing a spacecraft and navigating it there and then ever pretend that the Earth is flat and the sun travels over it.

  8. April says:

    I think going through gadruate school shaped and changed me in many ways. I have been a believer since childhood, and I still very much am convinced that there is a God, with a plan, who loves me very much.It has, however, been a time of tremendous personal growth. I learned things about myself and more importantly about other people.I have come to realize that some religious ideas aren’t based on the teachings of love thy neighbor but are man created rules designed to keep people in line. This is where I part ways.If true religion is loving your neighbor as you would love yourself, and to look after widows and orphans in their trouble, then count me as a follower. I don’t think either college or earning my gadruate degree has caused me to lose any of my faith. Rather, it has caused me to think more deeply and differently, about matters of faith. I think I am far less dogmatic and judgmental then before. These are not bad things!

  9. Ram says:

    ADAM TO THE HEAVEN BOUNDAdam at age 930, died in first 1000 year perfect day,In Adam all die, in Christ all made alive to ever stay,Eternal life gone a life sutiasning earth gones away,Woe be unto man if Christ Jesus didn’t come to SAVE.Adam to year of flood 1656, Noah age 600 is in a fix,His ark saves all, in 350 years he dies in year 2006,Abraham at 75 in 2083, a Promised Land covenant is,In 430 years, Moses has Pharoah economy at risk.Gen.9:28,29; 12:4; 15:13,16; Exo.7:7; 12:40,41;In 40 years to 2553, end Exodus through wilderness,Judges rule in Promise Land to Samuel is the last,Then king Saul to David, and 480 years does end,Solomon builds a temple, he had 36 years as king.Deut.34:7; 1Ki.6:1; 1Ki.11:42[Solomon dies];So he died 3069 and 18 Judah kings are to Babylon,To end 391 years at year 3460 after Eden and Adam,Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel write ALL OF IT down,Daniel give 2520 to year 5980, and Satan’s is down.In Satan’s short time down, God’s word gets around,Matt.1:1-17; Matt.24:3,7,14,15,22,34,36-38;We’re into final last days, Michael’s highly renown,Rev.12:7-12 [ Satan has a short time ];The Pit is open 150 years, the sealed of God are found,Rev.9:1-5 [ 5x 30 = 150 ];As raised up at last day, Elect are new heavens bound.1Thes.4:15-17;Dan.9:24-27[ math to Messiah from Babylon];Dan.7:25[time, times and dividing of time, math is sound,Dan.12:7[Time, times and half time]; 2500 Michael so renown[Jude 9];Prophecy?Dan.12:1-7[2500 Michael stands, 8-10 [ 2520 Satan is down ];John 14:3[A place prepared, Michael has then heaven boundRev.6:9-11];Rev.12:11;AMAZING [ 3460 + 2525 = 5980 Job 2:1-4; is no more found,Satan is down 1914 + 92 = 2006 after Christ.KJV Bible 1611 + 303 = 1914 + 606 BCE = 2520 world has WORD.after Daniel 8:12-14; Now the generation that passes it around.2300 + 303 = 2603 less 606 BCE = 1997 KJV Bible and 2064 bound.Bible 1611 + 391 Rev.9:12-16; 16:12-16; 2002 after 9/11/2001 Iraq.Bible 1611 + 395 = 2006 and 6,072 after Eden, 2612 after Daniel.Satan from Eden to 2064 and 6,130 after Eden, 2670 after Daniel.Gen.1:1,2 [ Billions in time ]; Gen.1:3-31 [ 41,870 LOST to SAVED].[ Heb.4:1-11; Rev.20:1-6,12,13; 1Cor.15:22-28,51-53 =]; 49,000 years.TIME: Billions + 41,870 + 6,130 + Rev.20:1-6,12,13; 1000 + forever.

  10. drenn1077 says:

    What is the point of listing a bunch of scriptures? Of what value is this to me? It is not proof of a God. It is not proof of anything except perhaps the poor writing ability of someone during the bronze age. I could write such scripture myself and proclaim it true and from a deity. These people were ignorant, they knew nothing of science, they knew nothing… of the truth.
    Most fundamentalists believe the Earth formed 6000 years ago as the figurative snap of some deity’s fingers. The real story of it’s emergence and the subsequent emergence of life is much grander, and much much more believable.
    Leave the fairy tales for church.

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