SSSSSHHHHH…. Maybe They Will Go Away…..May 16, 2012

Some people can be so annoying. It is especially so when those people are pointing out contradictions and flaws in concepts you’ve held true since childhood. At first you try to hush them up by being boisterous, telling them they have no right to voice their opinion about the matter. Each time you try to shut them up they use facts, reason, logic, which highlight  all the chinks in your armor. After a few months of trying to shout them down, telling them they are headed for disaster if they don’t listen to your message, you try a different tack.

“Let’s ignore them, maybe they will go away.” you proclaim.

It will not work. It does however make the task of spreading the message of reason easier.

I have written many posts over the years, some good, some okay, some terrible. Many people read them even now. Since taking the blogs off the News Journal site, the WordPress site has worked well, counting each visit. The change is that I do not have to spend time responding to knee-jerk reactions to the posts. Being ignored by the individual is okay, where comments are concerned.

Being purposely ignored by the Media, like the News Journal, and local radio, is detrimental. Though a news release about the Billboard campaign by the Mid-Ohio Atheists, sent to the News Journal, was published on their website, it was carefully excluded from the printed version. Then again, our local rag has always been a coward when it came to difficult issues, preferring instead to not rock the boat, not irritate the reader base. What they don’t realize is that the day of the Newspaper is in the same condition as our Post Office… on the way out.

People may not have liked what I said, but it generated interest for the website. When the website is gone, and it will within a short time, I think, I will continue to speak out against the immoralities  of religion.

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