Christianity Not Unique

Outrageous extraordinary claims without evidence to support them. Over the millennia that humankind has been around there have been thousands of religions making such extraordinary claims.

Jesus Christ as manufactured within the pages of the New Testament is an amalgam of previous stories of similar individuals with similar life stories and attributes. Horus, Attis, Zoroaster, and Dionysus all share similar background and were most likely the source material for the writers of the New Testament from which they fabricated the story of Jesus.

Which Christianity is Unique? There are around 33,820 denominations from which to choose, but choose carefully as many proclaim they are the only way to salvation.

Christianity’s origins reveal it a product of a barbaric society. Human sacrifice, as in the central character, Jesus, as atonement for imagined sins against a ruthless God heralds thoughts of the ancient cultures which made human sacrifices to appease volcano Gods, or other Gods of disaster. It is also barbaric that anyone would accept such atonement. What kind of person would allow some innocent to take the punishment for crimes he/she committed. What a cowardly abandonment of self-responsibility! 

What a sadistic monster the Christian God must be. Any father would be labeled an immoral monster if he allowed his son, even if he had a thousand sons, to be sliced and diced and hung on a tree for all to see. What a ridiculous concept!

Why does modern society hold such barbaric concepts? No doubt for the same reason that millennia of peoples have been conned into participation. Death is something which all people have great anxiety about. The thought of “no more me” is an extremely sobering one. There are some people who will accept extraordinary unsubstantiated claims if it offers the solace of immortality.

Christianity, like many religions before and during it’s existence, claims to be the “one true road” to heaven. Just like the existence of their God, or the Son of God, Jesus, the reality of heaven has yet to be substantiated either. So, without heaven, just where does the “one true road” lead? Mainly, it leads to a lifelong role of servitude. You serve the leader of your particular group and act on his/her desires, which incidentally always mirrors God’s will, and you become humbled, making a fine selfless worker.


1.Christianity is one of thousands of man-made belief systems. It is not unique in that many of it’s concepts are of earlier origin.

2.Christianity, like myriad belief systems before it, feeds on the fear of death.

3.Christianity is more barbaric than many religions as it’s central figure is in essence a human sacrifice.

4.There is absolutely no evidence substantiating the extraordinary claims of Christianity, including the lack of evidence that Jesus is anything more than myth.

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