The Separation of Church and State.


1. Religious skepticism or indifference.

2. The view that religious considerations should be excluded from civil affairs or public education.

A lot of Christians feel that if the Government is secular that it is atheist. This simply is not the case. Whenever someone makes the assertion that the Church and State must remain separate and secular, they are simply saying in effect, that the state must remain separate and neutral from religion.

Our founding fathers came to America to escape the religious tyranny in Europe. In the United Kingdom the church ruled supreme, oppressing any contrary religious beliefs.

In an effort to ensure that everyone would enjoy complete religious freedom, free from oppression, it was decided to declare the government and religion separate entities. The government was not to take part in the establishment of any religion and to refrain from interference in the practice thereof.

Immediately Christians began a crusade that has lasted to this day of attempts to foil this concept of “Separation of Church and State”.

Numerous attempts to make tax monies available for religious use have occurred. No sooner has one attempt been foiled than another is discovered. These blatant attempts having been foiled, the religious finally found another way to sneak around this prohibition. Government needs a certain amount of income to function, to supply essential services, and to run the legal system. The churches’ tax-exempt status removes it from the tax roles and sloughs the burden of taxation onto the individual citizen. In this way, everyone, religious or not, is forced to support your local church.

This entanglement of religion and state must end. No tax monies of any kind should go to religious institutions no matter how noble the purpose, no matter how desperate the need. The tax-exempt status of the church needs to be abolished to relieve the burden of the individual tax-payer. If the tax-exempt status cannot be ended, then at the very least churches should be made to account for the expenditure of every last dime of donations, just as all other non-profit entities must now. The free ride of religious institutions must end.

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