Herding Cats

Getting atheists to agree on or organize around some concern is very difficult and has been compared to herding cats. I have heard this many times over the last 4 or so years since claiming the title of atheist for myself. Now I find myself in disagreement with some of those I consider like-minded. At this point I have not decided whether to stray or stay.

My main disagreement is that I am finding it difficult to render respect for a grown adult who has decided to continue believing in a children’s bedtime story into adulthood. I am unable to show respect for such belief, and can only cautiously react as I would in the presence of a mentally compromised individual: treat them like children.

If an individual came to me and claimed to believe in Santa Claus, or elves, it would be considered wise to question that individual’s sanity, that is, if that person was a mature adult, not compromised mentality in any other way. Yet, the equivalent of such a fantasy, religion, is acceptable to society?

Increasingly I find religion, scriptures, repulsive. Without evidence people have chosen to accept  an antiquated, backward,  ignorant, and laughable set of beliefs concocted by men hardly above Neanderthal level intelligence. People who, seeing things they did not understand decided to make up explanations from scratch. People who no doubt sacrificed other people to their “Gods” to appease same.

Does this mean that a large portion of the human population is still in it’s infancy? What else can it mean when a grown adult accepts without foundation, religious drivel? It would be different if they had proof. If God had a stand set up on the corner of every street, and was sitting inside every single one, it would be hard to dismiss. But alas, there is no evidence, so it must be dismissed.

I need a vacation.

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