When Does Civil Conversation Become Accommodation?

Where is the narrow fine line where the niceties of social interaction is perceived as accommodation? Atheists and theists have completely opposed points of view on religion. Yet there are always those who in the “spirit” of good will go to extra lengths to be civil in what they view as a means to persuade those on the other side to accept, perhaps even move, to their side.

When it comes to the subject of religion most theists abandoned reason and logic long ago and are quite incapable of exercising such on the subject of religion at all. Attempts to sway them with reason are ignored, as if not presented at all. Then why do those who dwell in the world of reality keep making the attempt to reason with these delusional people?

Just as believers are no longer capable of reason where their religion is concerned, non-believers seem incapable of accepting that there is a subject which is exempt from debate in the minds of believers. Theists did not reach their present state of mind using logic. Many leaps of illogic were necessary to accept the bizarre and ridiculous beliefs which they now hold. Their belief system, seemingly a kind of mind-washing, or hypnotism, is impregnable to logic and reason.

Perhaps the time has come for less civility where religion is concerned. I for one am tired of being told by a theist that their hope for me one day is to accept their God and be saved, that they are praying for that day. Their evidently kind-hearted desire to save me is perceived as the height of insult. There is nothing from which I require saving. There is nothing amiss with me. I lack no spiritual calling. I shall accept no such response of prayer for my soul with civility again. Either they accept me as an atheist or they can take a flying leap. This goes double for those who seem inclined to accommodation.

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