P.T. Barnum Was Right

Every so often there is a biological science report extolling the advanced level of the human brain. These reports expound upon the remarkable memory capacity and reasoning ability of this evolved organ. It is unfortunate that like the muscles in a body if a brain is not utilized, not exercised, it atrophies, or fails to reach it’s potential in the first place.

The Creation Museum established by Ken Ham in Petersburg Kentucky is expanding. Also a theme park is being planned. Ken Ham is doing a brisk business. Obviously, pulling the wool over the eyes of the majority of the American public is no difficult task. He is fully substantiating the assertion of many non-believers that religion is just a business.

  1. Science has proven the age of the Earth at around 4.5 billion years.
  2. Evolution is a proven fact. Countless fossils and genetic analysis proves this.
  3. Scholarly research has established the distinct possibility that Jesus is a composite of many earlier messiahs and most likely never walked the Earth.

Nevertheless there is a segment of the American public which prefers to extract their science from an ancient tome written for the most part over 2000 years ago, by people who thought that the world was flat, the stars were mere lights in the sky, and that the Sun orbited the Earth. They declare that the Earth is possibly 6000 years old at best, this determined by examining scriptural references of the lineage of humans leading back to Adam. They believe totally that the human race is a creation of God, created as adults, with Eve taken from a rib of Adam. “I didn’t come from no monkey” is the usual response when it is suggested that humans arose as all other animal species did, via evolution. No one suggested that they did evolve from monkeys, but they can’t seem to hear that instead preferring to dismiss evolution.

Christianity has an investment in this segment of people. To allow them to enter the real world would diminish the flow of cash into their coffers. By holding out the carrot of eternal life in paradise they have been able to keep the sheep in the fold, and the cash flowing in. Ken Ham, in carrying this fleecing to greater heights, is merely feeding an addiction. Many people want so to believe the bible infallible, true in every aspect, making Ken Ham’s sham possible.



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