Solstice Season

My how the years pass swiftly by, seems just a short while ago that my parents celebration of the Christmas holiday was taking place when I was a child. Of course, their celebration was just that, no ceremony, just celebration. Not a church going couple and I think they never did attend as long as I can remember. Actually as I think back today, in many ways ours was a truly secular family, with my own childhood only disturbed once  by a friend’s invitation to his church. (Even that short exposure was difficult to erase, so I can understand why so many stay trapped so long.)

The time of year as a season of celebration was hijacked from ancient cultures. Christians, observing that the pagans were obstinate about celebrating the Solstice simply inserted their holiday, Christmas, into the slot the Solstice celebration existed within for many years. They were quite successful, as most Christians now believe the lie that the bible says Jesus was born at this time. Like the brown-headed cowbird which lays it’s eggs in other birds nests, Christians have substituted their religion for that of the pagans, and succeeded in having others aid in it’s proliferation.

Winter Solstice Celebrations were not simply the creation of  ancient Europeans, even the Native Americans had winter solstice celebrations which lasted many days. Many countries and religions had various winter solstice celebrations, some of which continue even today.

In closing, I sincerely hope everyone gives thanks this Thanksgiving, thank the farmer for growing the food, the supermarket for making it easier for you to acquire, and your employer for providing the means for you to earn the money to live the good life we Americans live.

And this Solstice Season, put up a tree, as many cultures have always done, provide gifts for your loved ones, and drink a  toast to life, as it is wonderful and worth living.

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