Science and Religion?

Many well educated and intelligent individuals claim that science and religion are not only compatible but complementary.

Religion, belief, was a conception initiated by primitive man in an effort to explain those things in the natural world which they did not understand. Also, it can be said, that such belief was also prompted by a fear and lack of understanding about death.

I will not at this time explore the reality that many religions and beliefs have been distorted by individuals seeking to control their populations.

Mankind’s large brain allowed humans to observe cause and effect. Some things once attributed to the workings of some supernatural power have been explained and found to be the workings of natural understandable forces. In fact, most things that once were attributed to godly actions, like lightning, thunder, earthquakes, disease, celestial objects, and more have been found not the work of gods, but natural things, not to be feared.

The efficacy of prayer has been analyzed, and found wanting. Unless action is taken, a prayer will produce no more result than if no prayer is made at all. It can be said that an individual in distress receives comfort from such prayers, but equally, any encouragement might have been as effective.

Despite that science has eradicated many of the avenues that religion held sway upon, many still cling to the dream that one day they will meet up with lost love ones in a hereafter. If this gives them comfort, despite the fact that there is no evidence of a soul, or any hereafter, I encourage them to hold this belief if that’s what they need to get through the day.

All that I ask is that no one condemn another for not believing so. No proclamation of a doom worse than death is needed, death alone is a curse we all bear, and sufficient to end all debate.

Live your life to the fullest, enjoy the only life you have, or at least, can conclusively prove, you have.

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