How Would They See Us?

alien girl 

Despite the many UFO sightings that have been reported, despite the many encounters and abductions which have been alleged, there is no proof of any extraterrestrial visitations to Earth. Suppose such visits have taken place? An alien race of pure reason, highly technologically advanced could have made a swing by our little planet without our knowledge. Perhaps they analyzed our civilization from near Earth orbit.

What follows is an imaginary rendition of how such an event might take place.

Success, commander, the planet below harbors numerous life-forms. There is vegetation and animal forms across the extent of this world.”

Is there a dominant life-form present, is there civilization or primitive life only?”

Industrialization has occurred. There is much synthetic material and construction. The dominant life-form present, though primitive in physical construct, possesses a large capacity brain.”

Begin an analysis for possible contact protocols. Use their many broadcasts to determine if they merit consideration for admittance to the core of allied planets.”

Over the ensuing weeks an analysis is made of the culture of this new world. Some small excursions to the surface are made to observe first hand the behavior of these creatures. In some cases the sightings of the visiting ships generates reports among this new species of unidentified objects in the sky.

Eventually the scientist investigating the planet stands before his commander with the full report.

Have you and your associates concluded your investigation?

Yes. As to the dominant life, form it calls itself human. It seems descended from some prior form much more primitive, analysis confirms this, yet the majority of the population denies it. The majority are members of what are called religions and despite contrary evidence maintain that they were created in an instant by some all-powerful entity.”

Have you made investigations for the presence of such an entity”

Of course, security demanded it. Such a being would be a threat to all. There has been no evidence found of such a being.”

Then why do they insist on maintaining such a facade?”

From everything we can find it seems that much earlier, this being, having no way of determining the nature of their world, no way of explaining certain phenomena, and possessing great fear of the unknown, including their eventual termination, have explained everything to their satisfaction by simple fabrication.”

They have the capacity for imagination?”

Yes. This capacity is necessary for the advancement of civilization, yet in this case is instead being used to support a primitive belief system.”


Yes. Belief is how they state it. It is a view or views held without actual information to support it.”

What are some of these ‘beliefs’?”

Without any evidence they believe that at an earlier time a world wide flood wiped out all inhabitants except a few, along with two each of compatible animal species. These few individuals along with the animals managed to survive in a large wooden craft.”

How could such a civilization build a ship big enough, environmentally shielded enough to do such a thing?"

There is no evidence that this event took place. In fact, many studies totally contradict such a viewpoint.”

There is even more… The people belonging to this majority actually believe that the earth was created in six revolutions of their planet.”

Around their star?”

No. Their planet as you note turns on it’s axis, they mean to say, six of their turns.”

Preposterous. All of them believe this? Can they be negotiated with?”

No. Of this majority only the ones called fundamentalists, or literalists believe this. They will not negotiate and maintain that their beliefs are unchanging, and their all-powerful being inflexible.”

Still, from your report I see, quite a substantial portion of the population share this view.”

To continue, this belief system held by the majority has built in hatred and suspicion of anyone who is different or does not believe likewise. They state their beliefs are of love, but consistently show the opposite behavior towards all other belief systems.”

These people are capable of the emotion of love, yet hate?”

Their belief system requires it.”


The past behavior of this belief system in question is deplorable. Filled with aggression and violence toward any other group which differs in belief or appearance.”


They had what were called Crusades in the past, wherein they sought to subdue many other cultures. Also, more recently they had what were called ‘witch burnings’ that required them to burn those deemed possessed by evil spirits or possessing powers which they did not. No evidence has been found that anything they call evil spirits exist, or existed at the time.”

Most disturbing.”

Even now quite a number of individuals still hold to the belief that these evil spirits exist and can inhabit various other humans and animals, and are causing mischief generally. Only the laws of each individual group prevents them from rendering retribution as in the past.”

Very disappointing.”

Yes, in conclusion, my associates and I recommend that surveillance be continued so as to prevent these beings from leaving this area of the galaxy.”

You are recommending no contact then?”

Absolutely. These people are extremely primitive and dangerous.”

I will submit the report, no doubt your recommendations will be followed.”

The End.

The question is; Will mankind allow the ranting of a few to ruin the possible opportunity of a millennia should it occur? Or will the people of reason speak up, and squelch the ignorance from the past which plagues us even now.


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