The Maze

Programming, or mind washing someone with words, concepts, involves making someone think in the way that you desire. Conditioning someone with repetition is the usual fashion used.

Even so, to avoid losing your subject, the individual must be insulated against contradictory information. Words, phrases and concepts must be drilled into the subject which will cause the individual to reject anything that contradicts the original instilled information. Perhaps some threat of annihilation or withdrawal of reward if a concept is violated will deter the subject. When these threats are inserted in the original instilled conditioning, concepts that contradict will be automatically rejected.

As long as information coming in does not contradict some facet of the instilled conditioning the individual will react in a normal fashion. If information presents itself that contradicts the programming not only do mental conditioning concepts act to reject it, physical symptoms also occur. The fight or flee response, with the attendant flow of adrenaline results. The individual becomes flushed. Rhetoric to reject the contradictory information flows freely. If the incoming contradictory information is not averted by the instilled rhetoric the flee response engages and the individual seeks any way to end the encounter. Name calling, insults and even violent aggression can result.

For most, this maze of instilled rhetoric does not contain an exit. For most the maze is a lifetime entrapment.

The maze is religion. The programmer is the minister, preacher, priest or pastor. Due to his/her own instilled programming this programmer actually believes that he/she is doing a good thing.

The programmer must act upon the individual at a young age while the subject is particularly vulnerable and impressionable. At a young age contradictory information is less likely to be inherent in the subject.





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