When all your arguments are demolished and nothing else comes to mind proclaim your opponent an idiot. Just like those that use profanity to cloak their lack of vocabulary this makes you feel so much more intelligent. At least in your own eyes.

Defending the indefensible without ammunition is sorely difficult. The use of colorful insults is like throwing the containers that your ammunition came in at your opponent. Empty boxes do no harm, but at least you are doing something. You think.

Anger, frustration, lack of knowledge, all cause adrenaline to flow ever so freely. You snatch the first word that comes to mind, bellow it loudly, in hopes of silencing your wiser opponent.

You find instead, that your opponent has counted his ammunition wisely, used it when needed, and still has plenty on hand. Why does he not use it? You wonder.

Mercy is also a wise and moral choice; and so you continue, to battle another day, instead of being obliterated on the spot.

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