Anger Grows

With the passage of time anger should abate. Instead it grows. Betrayal is impossible to forget. The pretense was so very complete, the revealing of it, such a shock. I should have suspected. There were many clues which revealed the instability of the betrayers mind. I preferred to ignore them, because the truth would be so very devastating. Now hatred, and anger grows. It solidifies and sets like concrete. Soon, even the most powerful of tools will not shake this abomination.

As time passes, thoughts of revenge enter my mind. Anger must be dissipated by whatever means. Revenge may be the only avenue. Regrettably this might be the truth.

How do you punish someone who obviously has an unstable mind? Who thinks they are superior to all. Who might not even realize the punishment has occurred. Who inside is dead as rot wood.

What an idiot. He is head of all idiots.

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