The Story of an Idiot

Something is missing upstairs. What could it be? Or is it simply covered? Covered by an arrogance. A selfish arrogance, wherein one cares for one’s self only.

Abandoning all others, due to some imagined slight. A slight invented or perhaps caused by one’s own actions. A slight whose origins began by acting immorally and perceiving things not meant to be heard.

A facade maintained for years. Pretending to be of one ilk, but laughing behind the facade.

Causing great monetary harm by negligence, then denying the responsibility. Revenge for an imagined slight.

Able to kill a harmless pet. Pretending that it was an accident, then burying the carcass out back. Many a homicidal maniac had such beginnings.

Looking upon a person of one’s own gender in unnatural ways. The opposite gender a professed desire, but only really a facade.

Separating from those known, for those who do not know the truth. Ashamed by the deceit perhaps, but more likely yet another arrogant display.

Adopting a different lifestyle to continue the pretense of seeking a companion of the opposite gender. Becoming perhaps, what was the case all along. An example of a dismal human being. Self caring, arrogant, perhaps even mad. Joe six-pack in all his glory.

Now nothing of the closed avenues remains. There’s no going back. That which was, is ruined for all time. The facade is revealed. The truth plain to see. The doors have been sealed. The doors are impassible. In the wake of the tornado only debris remains.

Those that have been razed by this event rise to hate. Hatred replaces love. A despising of the idiot has risen and is resolute. The desolation remains to remind all who have been abandoned that the idiot has chosen to hurt. A conscious choice has occurred to injure all the idiot has known. The main target of this injury has resolved never to forget or forgive. The target no longer has the capacity to forget or forgive. There is no going back. Hatred swells.

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