The Ignorance of More Than Four Millennia Must Be Broken


The New Testament of the Bible was written about 2000 years ago. The old Testament, probably twice that long ago.

Knowledge during both periods was very limited. The Old Testament was written to help explain many of the things about which little if anything was known. People were frightened. They had no control. Even though their beliefs rendered no actual control it provided an artificial sense that all indeed was fine and in control.

The Old Testament was for the benefit of one group of people. Others outside the group, wanting to be part decided to write the New Testament which was more inclusive.

Despite the novel interpretations given today for the various passages, usually out of context, nothing of the Bible applies today or even was meant to apply. These people truly believed their rescue was imminent, that their savior was coming forthwith.

People who believe in the Bible today are simply incapable of seeing the truth. Their intelligence may be at fault, but more likely they are ignorant. Sometimes this is not the individuals fault as they have been kept ignorant purposely to perpetuate belief systems.

Unless this cycle is disrupted, and people brought wholesale out of ignorance, there is no hope for mankind.


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