Should Abortion be Available Legally?


I believe abortion should be used if:
1. The Mother’s life is in danger.
2.If the fetus is deformed and unable to live a full life.(This would include genetically doomed fetuses.)
3.In the case of r@pe or incest.
4.If the mother and father are mentally incapable of caring for a child.
5.If the mother is underage and adoption is not an option.
6.If the mother is unable to financially provide despite the many programs that provide aid in this day and age.
Other incidents might need a case by case decision.
As a byline, I believe euthanasia should be available to those who are terminally ill and in great pain.


What about Men’s rights? If he wants the child he should have a say in whether the pregnancy is terminated. If an abortion is done anyway, which is a woman’s right, then the man should be able to sue for damages.

If a woman get’s pregnant surreptitiously after agreeing to take birth control precautions and then not doing so, and then decides to keep the baby, a man should have no financial obligation.

If a man has no rights, then neither does a woman.



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