Israel Strike Kills Senior Hamas Leader

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     It is evident by many reports that the Middle East debacle will continue until and unless something overwhelmingly calamitous or surprising occurs to squelch it.

     Over the decades the two combatants have exchanged violence with no regard to any driving force except revenge and hatred.

     What was the initial firebrand that ignited the present conflict? Without a doubt it can be said that the initial conflict was in 1948 when a group of individuals stormed the area to create the present day state of Israel. This fact is incontrovertible. Prompted by a nefarious and fictional  belief system and supported by gleeful and hopeful believers in Christianity, an army sought to restore a country which was ordained by their God. For the Christians such a state was necessary if the fate predicted in the Biblical Revelations were to occur. For the Jewish people it was a retaking of lands promised to them by their God.

      If this initial action in 1948 had not occurred, and instead the Jewish state had been developed in some other location, there would not be the conflict that rages today that threatens all the world with possible destruction.

      Innocent people everywhere can only stand by helplessly as the world implodes.


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