The Bible is Destroying Humanity


Individuals who read and accept the Bible as God’s word work to make the Bible come true. This self-fulfilling Dogma is a force which must be stopped if humanity is to survive.

This Dogma causes individuals to be careless with this world. Conservation of resources, preservation of pristine areas, world population planning, all of these concepts are of no concern to the believer, as they believe that in the end, everything in this world is unimportant. They believe that God will provide the resources of the believers, and those who do not believe are of no importance.

All religion is responsible to some degree for the present pitiful state of the world. They are directly responsible for the attitude that nothing can be done to preserve this world. They, religions, provide a state of Euphoria for some that immobilizes. God, they believe, will take care of them, so there is no need for them to take any action.

Unless religion, all religion, is ended, humanity is doomed to die like over-producing bacteria in a Petri dish. Once all resources are consumed, once the world is full of our cast aside poisons, the world will suffer that Biblical Armageddon so many foolish and misled people desire.

Personally, perhaps pessimistically, I don’t think the direction humanity is headed can be changed. I hope I will be surprised by a surge in the nonreligious that averts the destruction.




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