If there is one single thing that sticks out since I decided to shed the myths it is the fact that Atheists seem obsessed about the Bible and religion in general.

I have been exposed to more biblical references and thoughts about God since declaring myself an Atheist than at any time previously.

Is there a hidden faction within the Atheist movement itself that is silently promoting religion by directing those interested in Atheism to the Bible? Do many Atheists simply have an unconscious desire that the myth be true despite all the preponderance of the evidence to the contrary?

Free choice is one thing. Providing the necessary information to allow the individual to make a choice about religion may in it’s deliverance create more religious bigots. Teaching individual youngsters such information with the stated intent of constructing mental barriers to it cannot be said to be any more free choice than the indoctrination of pliable minds engaged in by the religious institutions.

Then again, a hands off attitude may leave vulnerable minds to the foils of religion.

What to do?! Should one provide the ammunition a child needs to resist such propaganda, or should one leave well enough alone? Providing the information without hinting at the intent might be more harmful and push more down the drain of religious bigotry. Providing the information with intent removes some aspects of free choice. Religions do this all the time and have been quite successful.

The best possible scenario would be to raise a child without exposure to any religious doctrine and try to instill the concept of thinking with reason. However, such non-exposure environments would be akin to living on a deserted island, with no outside contact, similar to the Amish or Mormon polygamists. This also, would be a form of mind-washing, eliminating some aspects of free choice.

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