It is truly a wonder that humans are able to relate to one another at all. Each individual over time with accumulated knowledge fabricates their own reality. Although each reality observes the same environment a different view is seen in each case.

For some a thunderstorm is gloom, for others a welcome relief. For some overtime at work is a dread, for others, its that chance to get a new sofa.

Perspectives, outlooks, it’s all in the individual programming one has had instilled by parents, siblings, teachers, and friends.

Misery loves company, and has produced great numbers of whining complainers. A positive attitude displayed in someone actually sickens these people. These whining milksops take great delight in tearing down someone they perceive might have a positive outlook.

It has been said should an alien species finally make it through the void to our speck of dust that there would be no basis for communication. There is little more relating between the varied realities each person creates. So many opportunities exist for misunderstanding.

Religion may have tried to make it easier to relate between these realities. Unfortunately religion has led to many misunderstandings  between the varied factions. In the end religion created many more problems than it solved and should be discarded.

In some cases individuals create realities merely to escape the reality which is presented. They know their own position is false, and yet it is the only thing holding them together. Sanitariums are full of these people. Self deluded nut cases whose minds are lost to the perceptions of derived realities. With enough time any reality can be made to seem real.

For example: Have you given your car a name? Do you talk to it? Don’t you realize it is a dead inanimate piece of metal whose only movement is made at the command of it’s driver? Granted, this may change someday, but for now that nifty piece of machinery has no consciousness and doesn’t care whether you own it or someone else. If you live or die is of no concern to it. In fact, it has no concerns at all.

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