There are people who live in a dream world. Never mind that that world does not exist, never mind that it might be the best of all possible realities. They dream that everyone is ruled by reason and mean no harm to anyone. They imagine that all people can be reasoned with and peace never has to be defended.

Reality is ignored. Just because a certain group of people have declared that they will destroy us, have waged what they call a ‘holy’ war for decades against us, attacking us long before any invasion of Afghanistan or Iraq had occurred, doesn’t mean they hate us or wish us harm.

We have been told to submit to an insane religion or face destruction. We have been attacked by these people more than once, right here, on our own soil. This very same group of people are now feverishly working to prepare a nuclear holocaust despite the will of the world’s peoples.

And yet, we are told, "They mean us no harm, their’s is a religion of peace."

These people have amassed an army, without a country. This is because their cohesive force is an insane religion and knows no boundaries. They are, however, a ‘people’ and act as a people.

There are some who think that those muslim populations within the United States are not swayed by the madness of those that attack us. The question that must be asked then is where is the outcry that what their brother muslims do is wrong from those within our country. As I recall, I have only heard one speak out soft as a whisper and then go silent. They are obeying their religion and not speaking against those who wish us harm. What they don’t realize, is those that attack us consider them infidels as well and would not hesitate to destroy them.

Yes, there are those who would do nothing, meanwhile an endless parade of suicide bombers kill and maim the innocent.

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