Despite the position held by some milksops, negotiating with Muslims is useless. Unless you agree to all their terms there is no negotiation. So… what do you do with someone who wants your capitulation or death. Milksops capitulate or die.

It has never been my habit to pull out a prayer rug to pray to a non-existent god or God, which ever you prefer. Dying, I believe, should occur naturally.  What alternative is there? Well some say fight, others say, what a waste of lives. Lives will be wasted one way or another. You can waste them by dying needlessly at the hands of an oppressor, you can die a psychological death by capitulating to their commands to pray to a non-existent entity, or you can die fighting them.

If it were up to me, Iran would be in smoking ruins right now. Perhaps all of the middle east would be.groundzeroocean   

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