Why are people so afraid of death? Accepting that after this life there is nothing is so hard. Refusing the fact that originally they came from nothing, and will return there.

Perhaps it’s because our brains are so amazing. Crafted by millions of years of evolution our brains are capable of creating an illusion so complete, a singular personality so unique, that people cannot accept the fact that one day that which they call "me" will be no longer.

When I was but a child I was introduced to death by the demise of my Great Grandmother. I remember crying and shouting "I don’t want to die". At the first indication that my existence was not eternal I was shocked. Life was good, as a child. No worries; eat, sleep, play. I wanted it to last forever.

No mistakes about it, if an eternal life potion was suddenly to be fabricated, I would be the first in line. Existence is in my mind, better than no existence.

Accepting the inevitable end of self was difficult. Imagine, no more me. I can understand why some people prefer to believe in a fairy tale. Fear alone can explain this.

I once heard someone say "Growing old isn’t for sissies". This is true. It takes great courage to accept your mortality.

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